Commandant Statement

We, in Jordan, realized the various dimensions of the New World Order, and initiated, in advance, the work to keep up with the developments of this Order, openness to the world and sharing United Nations the efforts to international peacekeeping worldwide. Jordan's participation in UN peacekeeping began in 1989, to date; more than 86.000 peacekeepers have been dispatched to various conflict areas.

The POTC is characterized specifically with a noble humanitarian mission that consolidates the principles of justice and supports the concept of international peace and security. 

The POTC is one of Jordanian prominent schools, so we made this Centre a regional one through continuous support, providing capable and professional instructors, and all requirements needed to accomplish the training process.

The POTC conducts courses that help participants to carry out their tasks within international forces successfully and effectively. Similar to other international centers, the UN modern methods of training are adopted to train these courses.

Amjad AL Zoubi
POTC Commandant